History  of  the  Lighthouse

Many folks in Ogden have contributed to the character and history of the Lighthouse.  Starting at the original location at 315 24th Street, the bar was named for the adjacent/former business, Lighthouse Electric.  Under the various ownerships,  the bar remained an awesome strip club, until Mayor Godfrey and the Ogden City Council voted strip clubs out of Ogden.  The owners were able to move the bar to it's current location at 130 25th Street, along with the historic Lighthouse Lounge neon.  Formerly, the home of multiple establishments, including Shear Brothers and Angelo's, this space under the Roosevelt Hotel has long been a bar. The actual building has been in the Pappas family a reallllly long time.  With some added touches and investment along the way, the current venue boasts the PBR Stage, some great local d├ęcor, and some really cool furniture & lighting. 

Owners of the Lighthouse Today

The current owners of the Lighthouse are business owners in the Ogden Community. 

If you happen to need a garage door or two, Call Tommy Clark.

If you happen to need some real estate, Call Sue Wilkerson.

Enjoy the Lighthouse!